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Luti- our first gypsy cob.

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GallifrayGypsyCobs is a family owned gypsy cob stud  located in the Waikato, New Zealand. We are focused on breeding horses and ponies with fabulous temperament, great conformation and the ability to be successful across a range of disciplines. We are committed to promoting the gypsy cob breed and also to responsible breeding and horse ownership. 

Gypsy cobs (aka gypsy vanners or gypsy horses)  are amazing horses for the whole family. They are an active, intelligent, sensible breed able to participate in a range of disciplines. We encourage you to come and meet our gypsy cob family to see if a gypsy cob is right for you.

Our stallion Freedom is standing at public stud for the 2018/19 season and we will have purebred and part bred foals for sale. We are also very happy to introduce you to other gypsy cob breeders so that you can make a very informed decision on both breeding or buying a gypsy cob. 

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